Call to Report Sitings of Pacific Seahorses

Re-posted as a courtesy only. Please do not contact me for further details—Dida

We in Southern California were inundated by Pacific Seahorses during this warm-water cycle, and at least one made its way north of Point Conception.I am compiling sightings of Pacific seahorses north of Point Conception for a scientific publication. If anyone has seen or photographed Pacific seahorses north of Point Conception, I would sure appreciate you contributing the sighting to our paper by emailing the info to me at

What we are looking for is the following information: Observer’s Name and Email, Sighting Date, Number of Seahorses, Location (please be as specific as possible), Water Depth, Time of Sighting, Seahorse Length (as close as you can estimate), Bottom Type (sand, mud, muddy sand, gravel, rocks), Clinging to plant or Object, or Out in the Open? Photos or Video taken? Thanks for your time!