CA Academy of Sciences (SF) Seeking Volunteer Divers

Please do no not contact me about this opportunity—Dida
The California Academy of Sciences is looking to recruit Bay Area divers to join our intrepid team of dive volunteers. Our volunteers are primarily responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of our iconic exhibits and participating in our Philippine Coral Reef dive shows. This is an excellent opportunity to work in an aquarium environment and learn a specialized type of diving.
The minimum requirements to become a volunteer diver are as follows:
1. Hold at least a rescue diver certification with a nationally recognized Scuba Training Organization
2. Have current (within the last 2 years) CPR/Oxygen administration/AED/First Aid certifications
3. Have at least 40 logged dives
4. Have DAN Dive Insurance
The qualified candidates that possess these minimum requirements must then interview with Academy Volunteer Services, pass a diving medical exam by their physician, and then pass a swim test/pool checkout dive.
We ask for a year commitment and require a minimum of two full day shifts a month. This is a big commitment and admittedly not for everyone. Specifically we are looking for highly motivated and dedicated people who work well in a team environment. If this sounds like you then your first step to becoming a volunteer diver is to contact Rosalind Henning, the Academy’s Volunteer Services Coordinator, for an application and to schedule an interview. Her email is
If you have any questions about requirements, responsibilities of the position, or anything else volunteer diver related then please contact me at the email listed below.
Best regards,
William Love
Assistant Diving Safety Officer &
Volunteer Dive Program Coordinator
California Academy of Sciences
P. 415.379.5338

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