PHOTOS NEEDED for New ed. of Scientific Diving Techniques

Posted as a courtesy. Please do not contact me about this opportunity-Dida 

Colleagues: I am working on the second edition of the book Scientific Diving Techniques: A Practical Guide for the Research Diver, to be published by Best Publishing. Some of you contributed photographs for the first edition, and I am now soliciting photos and descriptions of novel underwater scientific techniques for the new edition. Photos that are used will be credited to the photographer, and a complimentary copy of the book will be given.

Please send a couple of your best photographs, and references to underwater techniques and methodology to me at John Heine.

Examples of photographs needed are historical, aquatic habitats and ecosystems, equipment, technical diving, marking and mapping, physical and chemical oceanography, archeology, collecting, tagging, transects, coring, photography, and videography; pretty much everything that scientific divers do underwater.

Thanks, John Heine

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