Reef Check California Loses Chris Haugen, a Perfect Volunteer

Chris Haugen 2006

Chris Haugen, an expert scuba diver, was lost at sea in a sailing mishap on Nov. 11, 2006. He and I completed the first Central California Reef Check CA surveys in July of this year, and also hold the distinction of having completed an entire site on our own. Not an easy feat considering that our site, “Esplanade” (Pt. Lucas in Pacific Grove), is an exposed site that is not often diveable, hence one reason it took us 12 dives to complete 16 surveys!

Chris Haugen at Catalina 2006

Chris was not only an enthusiastic, conscientious, and extremely capable volunteer diver (among his many distinctions, he used to be a commercial diver, and his gigs included working on oil rigs and as an urchin diver), he was also a concerned conservationist who loved Reef Check CA’s vision and sound approach.

Chris Haugen 2006

He joins on the other side his father Eric, an adventurer like his son and schoolteacher, and Chuck Haugen, who worked with Fish and Game in Monterey for many years. He leaves behind his beloved teenaged children Christie (14), Adam (16), and Joey (15), mother Barbara, sister Heidi, aunt Jan, and myself, his life partner.
Chris will not only be profoundly missed by myself, but by all those who were able to experience his humor, kindness, generosity, and love of nature.
He died without life insurance. To make a donation to his kids’ 529 college savings plan (VCSP/College America), please send contributions to owner Barbara Haugen (Chris’ mother), 712 E. Calaveras St., Altadena, CA 91001-2333.
Please watch this site I am building in his memory.

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