About Me and a Plea

My name is Dida Kutz and I’ve been doing volunteer research diving for close to 20 years (Monterey, Carmel, Channel Islands, Big Sur, Malaysia). (Crazy, huh?) I launched this site for a number of reasons ranging from the personal (assuaging my guilt for not completing my graduate degree in marine biology) to global (wanting to do my bit for conserving our precious blue planet).

This site was an experiment and the only one of its kind when I launched it way back in 2005. Since then, a number of sophisticated citizen-scientist sites have popped up, run by folks who have been able to procure funding to do so. I haven’t been that organized or ambitious, and so BPD has been poking along in its humble state for quite a awhile! If you have EVER found a job through this site, or read an interesting article, a modest donation in return would be deeply appreciated! I have met people who have found jobs through this site, and that’s extremely satisfying. But I have paid for hosting on my own for 9 years (close to 1K out-of -pocket) and I’d love some lovin’ back from my fellow sci-divers. Just click that PayPal button on the home page!

Also, authors are sought to post trip reports, organization news, training news, methodology tips, and whatever else you come up with. Comments are highly encouraged.


Oct. 9, 1013