Senior Aquarist; Monterey Bay Aquarium

Posted as a courtesy. Please do not contact me about this position.-Dida

The Senior Aquarist is responsible for all aspects of aquarium plant and animal husbandry for the area to which they are assigned. Specifically this includes the design, set-up, care and maintenance of live exhibits, disease recognition and treatment, life support system construction and operation, field collecting and species identification and knowledge. In addition to the Senior Aquarist’s scheduled duties, he or she is highly encouraged to work independently to contribute to various research and development projects and other investigations aimed at furthering the quality of MBA’s live exhibitions. The Senior Aquarist, when directed, will also be responsible for carrying out the daily tasks of the Associate Curators during their absence. The Senior Aquarist also trains and supervises Aquarist II, Aquarists, Aquarist Trainees, Assistant Aquarists and Volunteers as needed or directed. SCUBA certification is required. Click here for more information.

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