BERMUDA: Summer Field School in Maritime Archaeology

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The 2010 Field School in Maritime Archaeology is a joint ongoing research expedition conducted in Bermuda by faculty and students of Saint Mary’s College of California (SMC) and the University of Rhode Island. Students from other academic and maritime related institutions are invited to apply. The field school is a research-based learning experience that exposes students to the archaeological investigation and documentation of shipwrecks from the 17th through 20th centuries, and includes a variety of activities including archival research, artifact conservation, archaeological survey, and underwater excavation and documentation.
The field school will be conducted in the three-week period from July 19-August 8, 2010. Advanced scuba training, leading to the American Academy of Underwater Sciences (AAUS) Scientific Diver certification, and classroom work related to maritime history and maritime archaeological field methods will comprise week one of the field school. Underwater research and documentation of historic shipwrecks will be conducted in Bermuda during the remaining weeks.
Students may receive a one-course upper division anthropology credit. The field school generally meets the fieldwork requirement for anthropology majors or minors with an archaeology focus. Professor James M. Allan of the SMC Anthropology Department is the program director. Professor Allan has extensive experience in underwater archaeological field methods, archival research, and scientific diving.
Course enrollment associated with Saint Mary’s College will be limited to six students. There are no academic prerequisites, but all participants must meet scuba and AAUS scientific-diver-in-training requirements prior to beginning the field school and must have their own diving equipment (no tanks required). For local individuals, the SMC Anthropology Department will offer a scuba training class that incorporates AAUS requirements during the spring semester.
The Course is taught on campus July 19-23 and in Bermuda, July 25-August 9. FEE: $4,200 (not including airfare)
Contact: Email for more detailed information.

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