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The American Academy of Underwater Sciences awards two scholarships to graduate students engaged in, or planning to begin, a research project in which diving is or will be used as a principal research tool. The Kevin Gurr Scholarship awards $2500.00 to a Masters program student, (http://www.vr3.co.uk). The Kathy Johnston Scholarship awards $2500.00 to a Ph.D. candidate, (http://www.kathyjohnston.com).
The AAUS may also award two additional $1000.00 scholarships to the next two proposals that are ranked the highest. If the additional scholarships are awarded, they may be split between the Masters program and the Ph.D program. or they may be both awarded within a single program.
Applicants must fulfill the following requirements:

… Be a current member of AAUS (student or full member).
… Be accepted and enrolled in a Masters program (for the Masters Program award) or a Ph.D. program (for the Ph.D. program award).
… Submit online a proposal of 3 to 5 pages describing the research methods, significance of the research, and a budget (if part of a larger budget, specify how AAUS funds will be spent).
… Agree to write an article for The Slate, a news publication of AAUS, describing the proposed research.
… Present the results of their research at an AAUS symposium or other scientific meeting within one year of the project’s completion.
… A letter of support from a faculty advisor must be submitted online.
Proposal deadline is June 30. Scholarship winners are announced October 1.
Click here to upload proposal, budget and letter of support, and then click on the appropriate forum under the Student Scholarship Applications category of the AAUS Bulletin Board. You must be an AAUS individual member or have completed the individual member application in order to upload.
For more information, contact the Scholarship Committee Chair at aaus @ disl.org.

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